Kauai Adventure Photography Workshops

Come explore the hidden secrets of paradise with your camera!

Frequently Asked Questions...

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Question: Can I bring someone along on a group workshop that isn't participating in the photography class?

Answer: We want you to get the most out of your workshop experience, so if they will enrich it for you then yes.  They are welcome to join any of the group workshops as a hiking tour for less than 50% the normal class rate. Simply select add "Guest" when registering. And if you are interested in signing up for a custom private workshop, there is plenty of space and so guests are welcome to join at no extra cost.

Question: How much hiking do you usually do on the workshops?

Answer: Generally the easy/moderate hiking is equivalent to walking around a city block and up a flight of stairs or two. We can customize our plan based on your skill level so if you are either an avid hiker or not really comfortable with hiking, we can create a special exploration just for you with our Custom Private Photography Workshop!

Question: If I sign up for a Custom Private Workshop can I split it between Sunrise and Sunset?

Answer: Yes, if you sign up for a 6 hour or longer private workshop we can split it in half and shoot both the sunrise and sunset for the best light. You don't need to do them both on the same day either.

Question: Do you have camera gear available for rent for the class?

Answer: Yes, we have professional Nikon SLR kits available with lenses, filters, case & tripod available for $60. (we recommend bringing at least a 16 gigabyte SD or Compact flash memory card.) We also have just tripods available for $15 for the day.

Question: Do you collect the cost of the workshop upfront?

Answer: Yes, when you book your workshop reservation we collect the cost upfront and hold it as a deposit until the workshop has finished. If you need to cancel for some reason we just need 48 hour notice and we will give you a full refund (minus a $20 registration fee). After 48 hours we will refund 50% of your reservation and put the remaining balance towards a future workshop with us.

Question: Do you still go out if its raining?

Answer: Yes, we love the rain! It helps to create the dramatic light that Hawaii is famous for! Light rays, soft overcast light or rainbows, it constantly changes here on the island and we love it all.