Kauai Adventure Photography Workshops

Come explore the hidden secrets of paradise with your camera!

Kauai Adventure Portraits!! 

Our main goal with our Adventure Portraits is to capture you and your partner or family interacting organically in wonderful fun filled environment. This is not your run-of-the-mill portrait session, but rather a documentary style photo journal of an incredible day full of fun and adventure! You will be accompanying us on one or more of our crazy adventures, where we will be photographing you enjoying the activity, as well as enjoying each other. Ever wished during one incredible moment or another that you wish you had a photographer around to document the event? Well now you can! We'll be acting as your guides, your new friends, and as photographers to properly document a day jammed with adventure here in Kaua'i. There will be very minimal 'posey' type photography involved. Whether we're tubing through irrigation tunnels under a mountain, jumping off cliffs, hiking through jungles, swinging on vines, or swimming in a waterfall lagoon, there will be ample opportunities for us to document our time! If you're looking for non-traditional, documentary style photography that captures the interaction of people without using cheesy poses and matching outfits, Kauai Adventure Portraits is right for you!

Register now and join us on an incredible adventure full of fun, excitement, and amazing photos!